Google Ads is now available at Amplify!
Louis from Amplify

Today we are proud to announce the launch of Google Ads campaigns on Amplify!

You can now run ads directly on Google Search from your Amplify account.


Why it is important 

Advertising on Google Search has huge benefits:

  1. You can reach users who are looking for products / services like yours. You are therefore meeting a need expressed by users. This makes advertising more targeted.

  2. Advertising campaigns on search engines are (very) often much more profitable than anywhere else.

  3. You can buy the keyword for your brand to protect it from your competitors.

  4. In Switzerland, Google is used by 90% of Internet users.

  5. You only pay if people click on your ad.

For all these reasons, Google Ads is an essential solution to boost your online presence. It's a network you need to be on, and now you can do it easily with Amplify!

How to create a Google campaign with Amplify?

Google campaigns are only available to Amplify Plus and Premium subscriptions.  

You can then choose to create a Google Ads ad directly from your Amplify creation tool. 


And if you need it, you can get step-by-step help over the phone from our specialist Ines.