Facebook advertising policies
Louis from Amplify

Is it enough to press the Facebook boost button to launch an effective campaign through social networks?

Clearly not. And that's why our service exists.

Launching an effective amplification campaign requires managing a lot of parameters.

And the first of these parameters is to know how to create an ad that is compliant with the rules of distribution of social networks.

Amplify manages these parameters for you!

When you create an ad, a whole team is working behind the scenes to check and optimise your ad.

You may not know it, but Facebook and Instagram have VERY strict rules when it comes to advertising.

When you run an ad, they check EVERYTHING. Your visual, your text and your landing page.

There are about 30 specific rules that you need to know by heart or your ad will be rejected.

Handmade verification

For each of your ads, a member of our team will check that they comply with the rules of Facebook and other platforms.

This service is 100% handmade and we are proud of it because for you it means:

  • Faster ad publishing

  • More peace of mind: no need to learn all the Facebook rules

  • More quality: we help you optimise your ad

  • Less work: we take care of everything with Facebook and the platforms.

We make sure that your campaign meets the best quality criteria for optimal distribution.

This control is offered to all our subscribers.

We are here to help you amplify your visibility through social networks.

To benefit from the Amplify experience, choose one of our subscription packages and discover the power of our service today!