Facebook ads VS TV ads
Louis from Amplify

400 000 CHF.

That's (roughly) what a TV ad for the 3 Swiss national channels costs for a month.

Indeed, that's a lot of money...

Of course, TV is still the best medium to create a brand image and to establish itself in the minds of consumers.

But Facebook advertising is not to be underestimated!

A quick comparison : 

On Facebook it is possible to reach the equivalent of the Swiss population for between CHF 40,000 and CHF 80,000 (reaching 1,000 people with a video campaign costs between CHF 5 and 10).

That's 10 times less than television.

So obviously we should not oppose Facebook and TV because their uses are different (and complementary).

Facebook, 10 times cheaper, 10 times less effective ? 

This is a legitimate question.

If Facebook is 10 times cheaper than TV, is it perhaps 10 times less efficient?

Let's take the time to analyse this through one of the most used criteria in measuring advertising impact: purchase intention.

It is estimated that on TV the intention to buy following the viewing of an ad is 26%.

On Facebook, this intention is only 20%.

The difference in performance between TV and Facebook is therefore very small!

To conclude 

If you have hundreds of thousands of francs, TV advertising is an interesting option.

Otherwise, Facebook is an excellent tool to start at a lower cost and we recommend it without hesitation for companies that are starting out and want to obtain "quick" results.

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