What is a landing page?
Louis from Amplify

Amplify allows you to create your own landing page.

The landing page is crucial to the success of your business.


It's a web page, different from your website.

It is very simple, and must have a single objective (making an appointment, sending an email, selling a product, capturing the contact details of your prospects, etc.).

It is therefore not your website, but a page designed to welcome and convert the prospect.

The Benefits

When properly programmed and used, a landing page can considerably increase your conversion rate. In fact, it is one of the most important steps in customer acquisition.

Often, when a visitor arrives on a "classic" website, he is faced with a lot of information and suggestions. 

There are many tabs: buy, follow the brand on social networks, subscribe to the newsletter, in short, the user does not know exactly what to do when he arrives on a site.

In contrast, a landing page allows you to promote a single action, the action you are looking for from a commercial point of view. Simplifying the user's choice means maximising the chances of them taking action: making an appointment, ordering, etc.

Practical example

Let's take a practical example and imagine a nutrition coach.

She has a website with balanced recipes, a page on her philosophy, her experiences, her social networks, her commercial offers, etc.

When analysing the way her business works, she realises that 80% of her clients call her before booking a service.

In her case, the landing page should therefore encourage the number of people who make a telephone appointment.

This page will present a succinct, organised sales pitch that strongly encourages users to call.

If you would like to know more about what we recommend you put on your landing page, you can click here.

How to do a landing page?

Creating a good landing page requires experience.

Well, it required experience! Because from now on you can create your own landing page easily, directly from your Amplify account!

When you create your ad, under "Your goal", choose the option "landing page".


This tool has been specially designed to allow you to create an effective landing page with ease.

Don't forget you can also create or modify your ad at anytime trough Amplify.