How to choose the right channel for my ad?
Louis from Amplify

Facebook, Instagram, Google, Linkedin... there is no shortage of choices. But you still need to know which one to choose...

Is your product or service aimed at professionals?

Your reflex may be to go to Linkedin. But is this really relevant to your budget?

Are you targeting consumers directly? Everyone will tell you to go on Instagram, but do you really have an activity that is relevant to it?

Not to mention that you also have to create an account on each network, and learn how it works...

In short, you've understood, choosing the right channel to amplify your visibility is a complex matter.

Unless... you are using Amplify!

When you create an ad, our algorithms and experts analyse your message, your objective, and choose the most appropriate channel(s) for you.

So with Amplify you can :

  • Distribute your ads on all major platforms (Google, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Linkedin)

  • Maximise your performance by letting us adapt the channels to your business profile.

If you have news to share (business recovery, opening, end of lockdown, new products, etc.), announce it by amplifying your message!

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