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  • Create your ad from the same tool
  • Use artificial intelligence to generate your visuals and write your copy
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  • Distribute your ad across all networks!
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Save time

Increase your visibility by displaying your ad on several networks simultaneously from the same interface.

Publishing has never been faster!


Keep your
own brand

Connect your social media pages with one click from your dashboard and broadcast under your own brand .

If you don't have any pages but would like to promote your business on these networks, you can have your ad automatically displayed under the Amplify page!

Manage and track your campaigns

Manage and track your campaigns easily from the same interface, simple and easy to use. 

Thanks to our partnership with all online advertising platforms, we automatically publish and optimise your ads on all networks. Amplify is a one-stop shop for your online advertising.



40 % commission
  • Ad creation with AI-assisted forms
  • Fully automated ad creation tool
  • Advertising management and publishing
  • Ad statistics interface
  • Wallet
  • Profile management


15 .- per month*
  • Everything included in the Flexible plan
  • No commission fees
  • Link to your Facebook page (Use your identity to advertise)


173 .- per seat / month
  • Everything included in the 'Standard' plan
  • Priority access to IA developments
  • Manage multiple customers
  • Ad creation with AI-assisted forms
  • Fully automated ad creation tool
  • Advertising management and publishing
  • Advanced statistics interface
  • Wallet
  • Profile management

Who we are

At Amplify, we're redefining digital advertising with our cutting-edge AI platform.
Unlike traditional methods, our AI manages the processes for optimised campaigns. Here's why Amplify is your ideal partner:

Automated Strategy and Implementation

Our AI analyses the market, identifies opportunities and implements advertising strategies on the main platforms such as Google and Facebook.


Search Engine Advertising (SEA)

Amplify optimises ads on Google by adjusting bids in real time and allocating budget efficiently to maximise your return on investment.


High-performance Social Ads

Our AI designs and optimizes Social Ads campaigns tailored to your business, guaranteeing high visibility and engagement.

Real-time monitoring and optimisation

Our AI constantly monitors and adjusts campaigns, ensuring continuous improvement in results. You receive reports and strategic recommendations.


Innovative Content Creation

Our AI generates attractive, coherent content to attract your target audience.


Maximum profitability and performance

Amplify optimizes every expense with advanced analysis tools, ensuring the best results.

Amplify revolutionizes digital advertising by automating the process with AI. Join us to achieve your e-marketing goals with unrivalled precision.

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With Amplify, your advertising success is guaranteed.

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Vous gérez des campagnes publicitaires pour vos clients et aspirez à optimiser votre temps tout en maximisant l’efficacité et la rentabilité de vos actions ?

Ne cherchez plus !

Amplify est l’outil qu’il vous faut.

Conçu spécifiquement pour les agences de marketing, Amplify offre une plateforme intuitive permettant de gérer, modifier et accéder aux campagnes de tous vos clients, en quelques clics seulement.

Amplify Agence c’est :

  • Accès prioritaire aux derniers développements IA
  • Gestion multi-comptes
  • Définition personnalisée du ciblage
  • Des statistiques plus détaillées
  • Un outil de ticketing interne

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