Easily publish your ad on social networks and Google

Create and publish professional and impactful online ads in just a few clicks to promote your business and products.

Your digital marketing assistant helps you create successful ads!

With amplify, anyone can advertise! No need to be a digital marketing pro, your amplify AI assistant is here to help you:

Create impactful and effective ads

amplify AI offers you several variations of impactful texts and effective images to promote your products and services.

Distribute your ads to the right people

Our platform allows you to publish your targeted ads on multiple platforms at the same time and show your ads to people interested in your products.

Optimize your advertising budget

amplify AI optimizes your budget and distributes your ads on the most effective platforms based on your results.

Watch the success of your campaigns and receive advice to improve your performance.

Create, manage and track your campaigns everywhere

Easily manage all your online ads from the same interface, simple and easy to use.

Thanks to a partnership with all online advertising platforms, we automatically publish and optimize your ads across all networks. amplify is a true one-stop-shop for your online advertising.

How much does it cost?

The amplify platform is offered with free access, no commitment, and no subscription, we only take 20% of your advertising budget when launching a campaign to cover the costs related to the distribution of your ad, technical fees, platform development, support, and hosting of your content.

About amplify

amplify, a Swiss startup at the service of SMEs and small businesses for your online advertising

amplify is a startup that was created 5 years ago in Lausanne, Switzerland. Our goal is to help small and medium sized businesses advertise online easily and efficiently while keeping control of their ads and their budget.

After many years of development, we offer our 5,000 clients powerful and efficient ad serving tools and algorithms.

Our platform allows you to manage and consult the performance of your ads at any time.

We are always available for our customers. Any questions or remarks? You can contact us at +41 21 561 36 76 (office hours) or by email at info@amplify.ooo

amplify is recognized as a "high potential DACH startup" by Google

We are a member of the prestigious Google Ads for Startups Program, reserved for promising startups.

A program that offers us a very close partnership with Google, a collaboration for the optimization of your ads, and strengthens the growth of amplify.

amplify is also Google Partner


Being at the forefront of technology and digital marketing is very important to us. We are constantly training to offer you the best, that's why we follow the Google partner programs.

No need to outsource the management of your ads to an agency, our "customers success" accompany you in the success of your ad and are always at your disposal. This way, you keep control of your ads.